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Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Start time is 2 PM

The VBS theme for 2024 will be “Twists and Turns”!  From classic tabletop games to strategy games and more, kids will play their way through VBS in fun locations.  But more importantly, they’ll discover that trusting Jesus as Savior and following Him changes the game entirely!

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2024 Homecoming

Service starts at 10:30 AM

Homecoming is a time to celebrate FBC, founded by 33 people on July 16, 1920.

Homecoming is a time to reflect on the abundant blessings of God over the years. 

Homecoming is a time to reminisce about the many faithful members; about events, music, ministries, missions.  Homecoming is a time to praise the Lord for the impact of the Gospel  as it has been proclaimed from this tiny village across the world.

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